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What type of real property qualifies for a 1031 exchange?

Property is eligible for a 1031 exchange only when it is considered real property under the laws of the state or local jurisdiction where the property is located at the time of the exchange. To qualify as a 1031 exchange, the exchanged properties must be held by the taxpayer for an eligible purpose.

Do intangible interests qualify for a 1031 exchange?

Only real property qualifies for a 1031 exchange, but some intangible interests are considered real property under Section 1031.

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What is a 1031 exchange?

A like-kind exchange, is a tax-deferral strategy i that allows individuals and businesses to defer capital gains taxes when selling an investment property and reinvesting the proceeds into a similar property. The 1031 exchange serves as a powerful tool for real estate investors seeking to optimize their investment portfolios while deferring the immediate tax burden associated with property sales.

What is a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)?

The DST is an investment that qualifies for 1031 deferral. DSTs are structured to allow multiple investors to pool their funds and invest in a specific property or portfolio of properties. DST Investors own fractional interests in large, income-generating properties, such as commercial real estate or multifamily housing without requiring active involvement in the day-to-day management.



A 1031 exchange is a transaction in which eligible property is exchanged for…

Delaware Statutory

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is a business trust created under Delaware law…


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